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Only two days late... but...

(thanks to phlegethon_vii for the link)

Survival DVD Contents

with numerous goodies (including Lisa Bowerman YAY) but especially for me -

# Little Girl Lost - A retrospective look at the development of Sophie Aldred's character, Ace, from her first story, Dragonfire through to her last, Survival.
With Sophie Aldred, creator Ian Briggs and script editor Andrew Cartmel.

*jumps around like a mad thing*

(The only thing I'm a tad worried about is the 'fan commentary' - who actually won this DW Mag competition? *fears*)

Survival is probably my absolute favourite Ace story. I am a happy, happy fangirl. Oh yes.
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It's one of my favourite Who stories of all time. And an awesome Ace story. 2-disc release, yay! Although it'll take longer to reach North America, so it won't be out in time for my birthday. Pity.

Been considering making Ace icons from screencaps of a tape-to-DVD transfer from an old PBS broadcast of this serial, if I can't wait for DVD quality.
I'm looking forward to more outtakes.

Every time I watch Remembrance I shove on the outtakes before watching the story. Never get bored of 'em, and they still make me laugh.

Ahhh, I could watch Sophie falling on her arse and Sylv fucking up his lines all day :p

I am so looking forward to this, despite it being the RtDest of old skool stories lalala.
Which amuses me greatly coz RTD is a h8r :p
Survival is probably my absolute favourite Ace story.

It's one of mine too. After all, it was Survival which began the whole 'OMG-Gratuitous-Grabby-Hands-Moment!!!' thing :p
I am so damn looking forward to this. Especially the outtakes. IMHO every movie ever released on DVD should include outtakes.
*pauses to squee*
I wouldn't worry about the fan commentary - I know the girl who's on it, and she's a McCoy era Sylv/Soph fan, so I'm sure it will be full of nice things!
Good to know, thanks!