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Liking this fic a lot

I'm sure people are reading this already, but for anyone who isn't:

The Monster in the Dark, by Nemo the Everbeing (via the Spoon)

It's still ongoing with a couple of decent cliffhanger/reveals, so no spoilers from me. Anyway, see what you think. :)
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Thanks for the rec; it looks good!
Nemo owns my soul.
I have to say, I am really into this story. I liked '...Who Burned Like Starfire' a lot too, but this one has had me completely hooked. I actually want it to be a bit longer than it seems it is going to be. I don't know much about Nemo at all, apart from the leet writing skills.

This latest story is hitting exactly the right buttons with the characters of Seven, Ace and the Master, all the darkness and the light and the hard truths, and it is made of awesome.